The History of Fredonia Brewery



My name is Paul Murray, I am one of the partner’s here at Fredonia Brewery. My main duties include brewing, recipe development, cellaring, packaging, maintenance, trash pick up, weeding flower beds, cleaning . . . .So I fell in love with craft beer and brewing in 2000 when I was stationed in Petaluma, California with the U.S. Coast Guard. In 2008 I was honorably discharged from the Coast Guard and returned to a town I had loved since 1990 when I came to college, Nacogdoches, Texas.

I really got into brewing then when the looming threat of moving or transferring every 3 or 4 years was removed because I was no longer active duty. My incredible wife, Kelly, and my In-laws bought me a big for real home brewing setup and I went a little nuts. I founded a local home brew club here in town with some friends I reconnected with after my time away and a bunch more that I met when I returned to town. The Nac Brew Club has been invaluable to my education and passion for brewing. Since January of 2016, I have been working full time at getting our brews and brewery together. I’m pleased with how everything has come together and turned out. I can’t wait for you to try our beer and swing in for a visit, Cheers!



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