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My name is Paul Murray, I am one of the partner’s here at Fredonia Brewery. My main duties include brewing, recipe development, cellaring, packaging, maintenance, trash pick up, weeding flower beds, cleaning . . . .So I fell in love with craft beer and brewing in 2000 when I was stationed in Petaluma, California with the U.S. Coast Guard. In 2008 I was honorably discharged from the Coast Guard and returned to a town I had loved since 1990 when I came to college, Nacogdoches, Texas.

I really got into brewing then when the looming threat of moving or transferring every 3 or 4 years was removed because I was no longer active duty. My incredible wife, Kelly, and my In-laws bought me a big for real home brewing setup and I went a little nuts. I founded a local home brew club here in town with some friends I reconnected with after my time away and a bunch more that I met when I returned to town. The Nac Brew Club has been invaluable to my education and passion for brewing. Since January of 2016, I have been working full time at getting our brews and brewery together. I’m pleased with how everything has come together and turned out. I can’t wait for you to try our beer and swing in for a visit, Cheers!



Off-premise Sales Manager

I am the Off-Premise Sales Manager for Fredonia Brewery. I am responsible for organizing distribution to our retailers in Nacogdoches, and creating new relationships with retailers all over Texas. I also work in the taproom and help with other odds and ends around the brewery. I started working for Fredonia Brewery in April 2019 as a beertender. I have worked in the service industry all over Nacogdoches since 2017 as a server, bartender, and manager.
I moved to Nacogdoches from Phoenix, AZ in 2017. Fredonia was my introduction into craft beer and it became an instant passion of mine. I became involved in homebrewing and developed an even greater appreciation for beer after learning the entire process. I was thrilled to be offered the sales position and look forward to doing everything I can to keep making Fredonia Brewery better and better.



Operations/Taproom Manager

Born into a family of minor Portuguese nobility, Jack became a skilled sailor and naval officer and was in service of the Portuguese crown in Asia. After King Manuel I of Portugal refused to support his plan to reach India by a new route, by sailing around the southern end of the South American continent, he was eventually selected by King Charles I of Spain to search for a westward route to the Maluku Islands (the “Spice Islands”). Commanding a fleet of five vessels, he headed south through the Atlantic Ocean to Patagonia. Despite a series of storms and mutinies, they made it through the Strait of Magellan into a body of water he named the “peaceful sea” (the modern Pacific Ocean). The expedition later reached the Spice Islands, and one of the surviving ships eventually returned home via the Indian Ocean, completing the first circuit of the globe.

John “Froot”



Texan, retired Air Force (don’t hold that against me). I have lived in Nacogdoches since 2004. Always liked better beer. Learned more about good beer as a member of the Nacogdoches Brew Club. I’m part of the original Tap Room Crew here at the Fredonia Brewery (yep I’m the old guy). Proud to be part of it. 
Come down, see us and have a craft beer.
Cheers, ya’ll




I’m Brent (aka Doc. Burt, Birdman). I’m a native Texan from Odessa. I’ve been with the brewery since the beginning as a volunteer, helping to build our tables and benches. My primary duty now is to serve you our delicious brews, but you’ll see me around the brewery mopping floors, packaging, helping with some of our small batch brews, and cleaning… always the cleaning. I’m also an avid homebrewer and a long-term member and past president of the Nac. Brew Club (You should really join the club!). I’m also a Professor of Biology at SFASU, where I’ve been since 1996. My academic specialties are birds and animal behavior so If you have a question about those topics feel free to ask, because nothing goes better with beer than an ornithological discussion… well, maybe barbeque. I’m an avid traveler and love sailing and hiking. I have two wonderful daughters who I simply adore, and why yes, I am single!

This is the best job with the best people and I love being a part of the team. So come let me pour you a beer or two, but please, try not to get too distracted if there happens to be a runaway mule downtown.




My name is Thomas Moser and I work as a cellarman at the Fredonia Brewery. My duties include milling in fresh grain, making sure the brewery is nice and tidy, rearranging a walk in cooler on hot summer days, helping Paul brew and,of course, taste testing all the beer. I got into craft beer because I used to work for Paul when he was brewing beer in the Nacogdoches Brew Club and if I wanted a beer after work, it had to be one of his fabulous concoctions. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Come to the Fredonia Brewery and let’s have a pint together!”.




Justin has been brewing beer since 2011 with his brother, Jack. His other hobbies include kayak fishing, birding, hiking, and spending time with his family. He has two young kids that adore him and love going on adventures with him.



Music Coordinator

I’m Stephanie Fontenot – also known as Fredonia Brewery’s band booking coordinator. I’m the lucky one who gets to do a lot of really cool work, such as telling the world about all the awesome things the brewery is doing, booking all the bands that bring the tunes to the patio on Saturday nights and simply sharing all the ways Fredonia Brewery is bringing great beer, great times and great memories to Texas’ oldest town. I’m a communications professional by day and a beer enthusiast by (some) nights. I had the privilege of earning my two degrees at SFA and even worked as the marketing director for Nacogdoches’ tourism office during the brewery’s first couple of years. It’s been an honor being a part of the growth. Working for a place and a team that I love truly isn’t work at all. I love composing the messaging that helps tell the brewery’s story.

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Sarah Jane


Sales Rep

Hey! My name is Sarah Jane Pyron, better known as SJ! I have been in Nacogdoches since 2015. I can remember delivering sandwiches while the brewery was still being built. After watching it grow from the ground up I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team. I can’t wait to see our tasty beers all over Texas.

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This is a true story, gather ’round. Born in the wild backcountry of Indiana to feral hippies, Sam spent her formative years in a college town learning what “pub” meant and how to talk adults into holding her upside down by a leg. She soon banded together with an elementary chum to mine Benny, the local wishing fountain, daily for candy money. This caused a spell of failed wishes within a 10m radius and as a result she was captured and shipped to Texas. There she was exposed to country music and roaches for the first time, developing a love for outlaw country and a deadly fear of the other. After it dawned on her that hey, boys weren’t really that gross, her handler moved her to an island inside a Florida gator farm patrolled by feminist warriors, where she learned the art of vehicle maintenance and discovered that mingling was her kryptonite. After high school she escaped to fair Nacogdoches and later joined Nac Brew Club, exponentially increasing her love and respect for fellow brewers and their hop fueled yearly bacchanals. She treasures her time spent at the Fredonia Brewery, whether working or drinking, as that is where her favorite people are. Also, Fredonia Brewery beer imbues the drinker with beauty, comedic brilliance, charisma, and unparalleled dancing skills. Win win, y’all. PS – Sam is terrible with names, so don’t be insulted if she asks your name every single time you order a beer.

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Rebellion Pizza Kitchen Manager

Michelle was born & raised in Southern California, but moved to Nacogdoches in 2005 to attend SFA. This SFA Alumnus uses her Fine Arts knowledge to create beautiful, unique jewelry when she is not serving up delicious pizzas in the Rebellion Pizza Kitchen.

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Social Media Manager

Hey, y’all! I have been a fan and patron at the brewery since they opened on Day 1, literally I have picture proof, and I often call Fredonia my second home because I am basically there all the time. So it was an immediate YES when they asked me to take over the social media manager position! It kind of felt like I unofficially worked there for years anyway! I am super excited to get our name and brand out there as much as possible to potential customers who visit Nac as well as keeping our local fans connected and engaged in what is going on in the beer garden!

– Some facts about me

  • I have a Master’s Degree in Communication from SFASU and work at the local community college down the road in Lufkin, Texas.
  • I LOVE craft beer, whiskey, and wine. I love history (probably why I love living in the Oldest Town in Texas), the Houston Astros, and traveling with Scotland, Ireland, and England at the TOP of my list.
  • I am probably one of the biggest Lumberjack sports fans and even do a Lumberjack Basketball podcast with my best friend Jaclyn.
  • If you see me around the brewery taking pictures of people, DOGS especially, and beer or playing Trivia please say hi!


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